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Started in a garage by Norman Leibowitz with the sprit and drive of a true entrepreneur, Norshel has evolved to be a well know manufacturer and master wholesaler of cleaning supplies in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA.

Norman was a former regional manager for the Fuller Brush Company® selling cleaning products door to door in the mid 1960’s. Realizing the world was changing and having the burning desire to create a company to support his growing family, Norman bought a broom manufacturing company in the late 1960’s. Broom manufacturing turned out to be a different sort of challenge that took him in a direction away from selling. He sold that business and looked for a more balanced way to provide great cleaning products to the region. This led to the opening of Norshel Industries in 1970 out of his and his wife Rochelle’s garage.

Norman’s knack for knowing great cleaning products and his love of sales grew the company through several warehouses and sales facilities. Along the way Norman balanced his resale of various products to retail stores with the addition of the manufacturing of mop heads and related floor maintenance products. This lead to the manufacturing of bigger and more heavy-duty products for the commercial cleaning Industry. The commercial mop head business flourished and many more commercial cleaning products were added to the line. Currently, there are over 3,000 items available sourced from some of the finest manufacturers in North America as well as many imported products from all over the world.

The current owner/managers of Norshel have been working at Norshel for 26 and 30 years respectively. You could say they grew up in the business. Because they did. They are Eric and Aaron Leibowitz. Two of Norman and Rochelle’s sons. They have been tasked to continually help grow the company and modernize the equipment, processes and people who help run the company on a daily basis. After Normans retirement in 2010, they took control and continued to perpetuate Norms dream of a quality, Family run cleaning supplies business.

Of course they could not do it without the help of many long term employees who are dedicated to the dream Norman had over four and one half decades ago.

Our continued goal and promise is to make doing business with Norshel as easy as possible by providing great service, great products, great tools and our collective knowledge to the cleaners of this world. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Make Norshel your One-Stop-Shop for all of your Janitorial needs!

With our mix of manufactured, imported and domestic manufacturing partners, we offer our customers a wide variety of quality products at economical prices to meet the needs of all of your customers cleaning jobs!

Making Mop Heads in the U.S.A. for over 4 Decades!

Your Professional Cleaning & Maintenance Products Supplier

"Americas Finest Mop Manufacturer"

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SINCE 1970.